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“Pure taste, a touch of botanics, flavors dancing in the sky over Berlin. Every sip like a fresh chanterelle, a juicy orange, a bouquet of roses. Look down at the city and taste its diversity.”

Fabian Buhtz, Loft14 bar manager

 Loft14 cocktail in porcelain mug in pineapple shape


“The pure smack of botanics.” That’s the promise made in the exclusive Loft14 bar card. Discover the creative artisanry of the ladies and gents behind the bar with premium quality served in antique chemists’ flacons from Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur. Strong in appearance and strong on the tongue. Cocktails with a happiness guarantee.



Golden hour

First coffee bar, then cocktail bar. Fine coffee pleasures are a part of the golden hour at Loft14. Elegant, yet down-to-earth. Enjoy the sunny skyline by day with exquisite special blend editions from the master roasters of Viennese coffeehouse Julius Meinl. Brewed by hand in a flavor-unfolding filter method with a free refill.



Sat to Sun from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Loft 14 coffee pot with filter and apple tart
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